Sometimes, you just have to laugh…

It’s first thing after I’ve gotten out of bed. Well, after I’ve cleaned up cat ralph and done my daily shoulder stretches (mobility is markedly improved, btw!). I’m standing in the office, talking to Quincy, and this song pops up on Random.

Is this the universe trying to tell me something? As if I didn’t know! Maybe it’s trying to tell me the elusive paycheck is just around the corner. Either way, it made me laugh with my whole body. Gotta take enjoyment out of life where you can, you know?

Colorado sunsets can be amazing…

Coming home from the writers’ group this evening, I was struck by the awe inspiring beauty of the sky above Denver. Well, actually, every day has been even better than the last. Is it because I’m closer to them? Is it because there’s no smog to fuzzy up the view? Or is it merely because it feels so darn right being here? I’m sure the answer is an amalgam of all of these. But you know, I don’t need to know the true answer. I’m just loving it.

Colorado sunsets can be amazing...

Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on creativity

I post this video every few months, in the hopes that it finds one of you who hasn’t seen it yet. It makes me cry everytime. I hope it motivates and inspires you, or just makes you look at us kooky creative types with a little more respect and sympathy.

Golly, it worked!!!

My first ever blog post! I think I could squee! As a matter of fact, I think I did! And with that, I have to go get ready for the Path to Publication Writers Group…with Pie!